United Realty, Inc. (hereafter as “United Realty” or “The Company”), incorporated in the State of Virginia in 1988, is one of the biggest Asian American real estate companies in the Washington DC Metropolitan areas including the states of Maryland and Virginia (DMV areas). The company upholds the principle of supremacy of the interests of customers, and strives to provide honest, passionate and dedicated service in return for the trust of clients and business.

United Realty focuses its business on providing real estate market information and a range of brokerage solutions for the DMV areas. Our research and advisory services combined with our client focus, dedication, and expertise enables us to move as quickly as needed to provide maximum value for our clients. For over thirty-year in business, the company has successfully assisted over 3,000 clients to find their desired properties.

United Realty is a leading real estate solutions company with dedication to create and increase commercial value for our clients. From in-depth research and hands-on advisory to investment planning and all of the services needed to complete the transaction, we have solutions to guide our clients through each step and help them meet their business goals. The company agents are extremely knowledgeable and skillful in trading and leasing real estate properties, and are dedicated to provide the most comprehensive and transparent housing information with sharp market insight. United Realty has aided investors in several multi-million-dollar Investment projects. At the moment, the company is promoting its business to New York, Boston and the State of California with an ultimate goal of providing national service.

Some of our solutions include helping:
  • --Owners & Landlords find the right tenants for profitable long-term relationships, accurately price spaces to be competitive, develop creative solutions to attract desired businesses and quickly fill vacancies.
  • --Investors discover new opportunities -- including real estate that is off market, assess the upside and downside for potential deals and make the best possible investment for long-term value
  • --Developers maximize their value by attracting buyers, finding lucrative tenants for commercial space and providing services to enhance and increase the value of the development
  • --Brokers land new deals by partnering with United Realty to help the owners, landlords and developers they represent quickly find the right tenant and conversely helping the tenants they represent find the best location for business.

United Realty provides the in-house full-service solutions to bring our client’s property business and create value more quickly. Our team of experts collaborates with our clients in streamlining the process of designing services that specifically meet their needs in an effort to maximize the profitability of the project for them. Extended service for new immigrants includes counselling service for legal, taxes, insurance, property management issues, and kids’ schooling choice, short-term house rental,etc.

United Realty provides solutions to help with the day-to-day management of our client’s property, from tenant relations, maintenance and finance functions to security and other services that protect and enhance our client’s property.